Many players who bought cyberpunk 2077 through PS mall are applying for refund. Some players have already posted on reddit that they have successfully received a refund, even though they have been playing for more than two hours. < p > < p > reddit user notben_ 2 wrote that after negotiating with Sony customer service for more than an hour, they quickly gave a refund and then removed the game from the player’s game library. < / P > < p > the player also said that Carly, the female customer service he talked to, said Sony planned to send a commercial complaint to cdpr about the refund issue, after all, he was not the first player to call for a refund. < / P > < p > after that, many other players claimed to get refunds from Sony. Some of them were rejected, but after many attempts, they succeeded in getting refunds. “After being rejected by the chat robot, I called for an hour and finally got a refund,” said echlbay, a user of < / P > < p >. Please contact U / sirpanic12 for advice on game crash and no more play. That’s all I have to say < / P > < p > later, steam and Xbox players also joined the discussion of reddit, and the players of these two platforms also said that they had successfully refunded. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone