The city of Toronto will start trial operation of the automatic driving shuttle bus. Through the agreement with the local automobile company, the transfer of Olli 2.0 all electric automatic driving shuttle bus will start from the spring of 2021. The experiment was carried out jointly with Pacific Western transportio. It is understood that two full-time staff will be deployed for each test, one vehicle operator from the partner and one customer service representative from TTC or metrolinx. < / P > < p > Olli 2.0 can carry up to 8 people, and has barrier free facilities such as wheelchair ramps and safety points. It also includes an autopilot system to provide information and updates for passengers. For safety reasons or for any other reason, the safety operator on the vehicle has the ability to take over manual control at any time. < / P > < p > the pilot route will provide services between the West rouge and rouge Hill go stations in the dalorondo District Community in Scarborough. It is designed to connect commuters to a major light rail network in the region for long-distance transportation. The city government says its goal is to ensure that the automatic shuttle bus meets any cleanliness and hygiene standards set at the time of the new crown health incident. Skip to content