There are many netizens on the Internet joking that there are only two kinds of hybrid oil and electricity in the world, one is Toyota, the other is other. Although it is a joke, it also reflects Toyota’s leading position in the field of hybrid electric and oil. However, in the global trend of electric vehicles, it is very difficult for Toyota to wait for the day when the patent fees of hybrid electric vehicles will be collected. < / P > < p > the current overall environment of the automobile market is that the fuel vehicles have crossed the stage of oil electric hybrid and directly entered the era of electrification. Toyota’s oil electric hybrid technology has not been used by other car companies on a large scale. Toyota will regret this for a long time. However, there is a saying that compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the fuel saving effect of Toyota hybrid technology is not so good. The fuel consumption of Toyota Corolla hybrid dual engine can even be as low as 4L, and the fuel consumption cost is almost half of that of ordinary fuel vehicles. < / P > < p > with such excellent hybrid technology, Toyota now begins to share it with its partners. The joint venture brands of Toyota and China are GAC Toyota and FAW Toyota. GAC group can first benefit from Toyota’s oil electric hybrid technology. According to foreign media reports, Toyota has decided to provide its Chinese joint venture partner, GAC, with a technology system for hybrid electric vehicles. It is also the first time Toyota has offered its core hybrid technology to a foreign company. It is understood that blue nexus, a Japanese company that develops and supplies hybrid vehicle drive systems, has reached an agreement with GAC on technology transfer. < / P > < p > Blue nexus is a joint venture between Toyota, Denso and Aisin Seiki. Prior to this, the company has also held discussions with BMW Group and Geely holdings on the provision of hybrid EMU technology. < p > < p > it can be predicted that GAC may also be used for its own brand after obtaining the hybrid technology of Toyota oil and electricity. At that time, with the support of Toyota’s hybrid technology, the market competitiveness of GAC’s models will also be enhanced. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia