As early as March last year, Toyota announced a joint effort with the Japanese Aerospace Research Agency (JAXA) to develop a fuel cell six wheeled lunar rover capable of moving on the moon in the future. Recently, Toyota and JAXA jointly announced that the lunar rover was officially named “lunar cruiser”. The word “lunar” derives from the Latin word “Luna”, meaning the moon / Goddess of the moon, and the name “lunar cruiser” is also intended to bring Toyota’s SUV cooluze series closer. < / P > < p > unlike the previous lunar rover brought to the moon by the United States, Toyota lunar cruiser is a standard defined engineering vehicle, which must have the functions of repeated use and reliable quality. < / P > < p > according to official reports, the lunar cruiser has a body length of more than 6 meters and an internal space of about 13 square meters. It can carry two astronauts and can accommodate four people in case of emergency. < / P > < p > the vehicle will be equipped with a hybrid energy system that will use fuel cells and solar panels, and will be powered by electricity, with a range of up to 10000 miles. Of course, the car will also be equipped with an advanced automatic driving system. < / P > < p > at present, the development of this model is still in the early stage, and many technical standards need to be gradually verified and evaluated through computer simulation. It is not ruled out that the structure and shape of this lunar rover will be changed in the future development. Global Tech