As early as last October, on the eve of the Tokyo auto show, Toyota’s CEO and chief technology officer, Shigeki terashi, revealed that Toyota will launch a new energy vehicle equipped with solid-state batteries at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and the mass production of this model is expected to reach 2025.

according to foreign media reports, Keiji kaita, executive vice president and general manager of battery industry of Toyota Motor powertrain company, said that it is too early to discuss the launch time of solid-state battery. Like many forward-looking technologies, commercialization also faces multiple obstacles.

it is understood that compared with lithium-ion batteries, the energy density of solid-state batteries is 2-3 times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries, and they are lighter in weight, longer in life, more secure, and less susceptible to the impact of temperature on battery performance. Toyota’s prototype solid-state batteries also charge much faster than lithium-ion batteries, which take only 15 minutes from zero to full charge.

Keiji kaita said that Toyota hopes to mass produce solid-state batteries by 2025, and the initial price will be higher than that of lithium-ion batteries due to cost and scale.