As a classic sports car owned by Toyota, the revival of the new generation of supra (Bull Demon King) in 2019 makes fans who love Japanese performance cars excited. BMW 3.0T, rear drive, 4.2 seconds breaking 100 and so on, make people enjoy talking about it. Recently, according to media reports, the new generation of Toyota supra will be officially launched in China on November 1. It is estimated that the price of 2.0T model is expected to be about 400000 yuan, and that of 3.0T model is expected to be about 600000 yuan. < / P > < p > although the news has not been officially confirmed, the latest dynamic picture released by Toyota official micro is the brand new supra, which is meaningful in combination with the copywriting. < / P > < p > after the pre-sale in November, the first batch of vehicles will arrive in Hong Kong at the end of spring and early summer next year. At that time, the first car owners who place orders will receive this special express from Graz, Austria. < / P > < p > the new generation of supra was launched in the world at the 2019 North American auto show. The new car absorbed the design language of Toyota FT-1 concept car before, and the slender hood, short body, middle and rear cockpit, extremely sexy tail and other details make people reluctant to stop. < p > < p > all the power systems of the new car come from BMW, among which the maximum power of 2.0T model is 258hp, the peak torque is 400nm, and the acceleration time of 100km is 5.2s; the maximum power of 3.0T model is 340hp, the peak torque is 500N · m, and the acceleration time of 100km is 4.2s. Global Tech