ZF is one of the most important professional manufacturers of transmission system products in the world. Its 8at transmission has a high reputation in the global automotive field. International car companies including BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover are all users of this transmission. Recently, ZF officially announced that the company will no longer research and develop components for internal combustion engine transmission system from January 1, 2021, and the development focus of the group will also focus on long mileage hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

at the same time, the passenger car transmission technology division and electric drive division will merge into a new business unit, focusing on providing comprehensive electric drive solutions for customers.

with the implementation of new European emission standards and China’s double point policy, ZF, as a traditional auto parts giant with gearbox civilization, has begun to shift its focus to electrification in recent years.

according to the data, ZF established the global electric drive division in Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany in 2016. In 2019, ZF’s new Pancevo plant in Serbia was put into operation, mainly used for the production of motors, hybrid and electric drive systems of heuristics, range extenders, inverters and microswitches. Hangzhou electric drive production base is expected to be put into operation this year.

with its good reputation accumulated in the field of traditional transmission and its early layout in the field of electrification, ZF’s development after transformation must be very good.