In the year when the iPhone was first launched, people were immersed in the visual effects brought by the full screen, and at the same time felt sorry for the disappearance of the home button. Some friends around me even insisted on using the non full screen iPhone because they preferred the operation of the home key. This market demand has also attracted the attention of accessories manufacturers, so the so-called “home key converter” has appeared in the market. < / P > < p > this accessory is connected to the iPhone through the lightning interface, and there is another lightning connector and 3.5mm interface at the bottom, which supports charging and connecting wired headphones at the same time. This is very attractive. After all, since Apple cancelled the 3.5mm headphone connector of iPhone, charging while listening to music (wired) has become a thing of the past. < / P > < p > the function of the home key also basically restores the operation of the original non full screen iPhone. Click to return to the desktop, and double-click to call out the background. The operation is relatively smooth. < / P > < p > on the one hand, after the mobile phone is connected to the so-called home key converter, the experience of one hand operation will drop sharply. It is almost difficult for you to press the home key with one hand, which greatly reduces the practicability. On the other hand, there are some security problems with this kind of accessories that have not been certified by MFI. I have installed the iPhone 11 pro on my own Less than five minutes after the trial, wechat prompts that the system environment is abnormal. < / P > < p > holding the mobile phone for a long time is sometimes a very tiring thing, especially when there is no headset nearby. Therefore, some accessory manufacturers have come up with the idea of designing a “phone receiver” for mobile phones. < / P > < p > this so-called “Korean wind net red girl’s heart lovely pink retro phone handset” is connected to the device through a 3.5mm headphone interface. There are basic remote control buttons on the handset, including volume adjustment and answer / end / audio control buttons. However, due to the connection of the 3.5mm headphone connector, the iPhone models after the iPhone 7 series can only be used with the converter. However, after the converter is connected, the handset will probably “roll over”, such as “unable to make sound” and “too small sound”. < / P > < p > I managed to find several iPhones with headphone connectors from my colleagues, but even without the help of a converter, when the volume is adjusted to the highest gear, the phone still makes a very low voice. What’s more, it was funny that we had less than two minutes to test when the receiver suddenly failed to make any sound, and then the test had to be stopped. < / P > < p > after looking at this store selling mobile phones, we found that in addition to playing a “retro brand” in promoting this accessory, they also took “away from the radiation of mobile phones” as a marketing means. But in fact, scientific research so far has shown that there is no evidence that low-level electromagnetic field exposure from electronic devices, mobile phones and Wi Fi is harmful to health (including cancer), so if you place an order under the so-called “keep away from mobile phone radiation”, it is recommended that you do not waste the money. < / P > < p > during the period when the first generation of airpods was just launched but not yet on the market, the most discussed issue of this kind of real wireless headset is whether it will fall easily after wearing it. After all, the semi open design has the disadvantage that it is not as firm as the in ear earphone. < / P > < p > although after the official launch, both professional evaluation and ordinary consumer experience prove that the worry about the falling of airpods is unnecessary. < / P > < p > but there are also exceptions. Some consumers with too large ear canal structure still can’t wear airpods firmly. Therefore, there are many so-called “anti loss accessories” on the market. There are three types of airpods, which are rope hanging, ear hanging and eardrop. < / P > < p > from the actual experience, although these three types of “airpods anti loss accessories” look like some “sand sculpture”, they can indeed play a certain role in preventing loss. However, once the range of motion is slightly larger, the two types of “hanging rope” and “ear hook” will still have the risk of falling. < / P > < p > finally, there are airpods protective cover and anti loss cover. The former has a wristband design, and the biggest bright point (Diao) is that it can be worn on the hand like a watch, but I really can’t think of the practical applicability of this kind. < / P > < p > as for the anti loss cover, it is a small device on the apple watch, which can be used to store the main body of the airpods headset. The usage scenario of this sand sculpture accessory is a little reasonable. For example, when you are out running, you really don’t want to bring a headset charging box, so you can temporarily store airpods by attaching such an accessory to the watch strap of Apple watch.

if you often brush your voice, you will probably see this iPhone game console shell in many digital bloggers. In brief, this is a protective shell with its own game machine. The official propaganda tiktok has 36 classic games. < / P > < p > driven by curiosity, I pressed the payment button on a “lost mind” night, but when I received the express delivery a few days later, I proved the truth of “Curiosity Kills the cat” with practical actions. < / P > < p > because this case has a built-in game simulator with its own screen, it weighs several times as much as other ordinary protective cases. If you are using the iPhone 11 Pro max, you should put this case on and become a “portable fitness device”. Moreover, due to the built-in battery in the game simulator, the back of the shell of the game phone has a certain bulge, so the mobile phone can not be charged wirelessly after wearing it. < / P > < p > in addition to weight dissuasion, the rough workmanship of the whole mobile phone case once made me wonder whether it was a defective product: the mold closing line and burr that cut the hand would leave a mark on the hand after holding the mobile phone case, and the rough and incomplete painting process also reminded me that this is just a “floor goods”. < / P > < p > the main “game console” function of this mobile phone case is also “shocking”. After you press “on / off” for a long time, you need to select the system language first. As the store claims, this mobile phone case indeed has 36 classic games built in, such as “soul duel”, “bean eater”, “Gobang”, “Chinese chess”, “Tetris”, “airplane war” and so on. < / P > < p > when you select a game to open, the first thing that comes with it is the sound of the game coming from a lousy microphone, and you can’t turn it off. These games can be played by simply operating the direction keys and function keys. < / P > < p > I tried to play “Pac Man”, “soul duel” and “airplane war”. Although the process was not pleasant (screen residue, poor sound effect), I gradually felt that I was playing the game handheld secretly in the quilt when I was a child. However, this feeling did not last long. After the freshness disappeared, I still did not recommend this sand sculpture mobile phone case, if you really want to make it more serious Warm the feeling of the game console, you can choose to buy a special retro game machine, the experience will be much better. < / P > < p > among all sand sculpture accessories, the one that is a little more normal should be this power bank. From the appearance, this is a very ordinary power bank, with a capacity of 10000 MAH, a type-C 2.0 input port and a USB 2.1a output port, which can charge the iPhone 11 Pro three times. However, its internal “hidden mystery”. After opening the top cover, there is a storage bin that can charge the airpods (generation 1 / generation 2). With the capacity of 10000 MAH, the official said that it can easily charge the airpods for more than 20 times. < / P > < p > at first, I was once dissuaded by the rough workmanship of this charger. But when I put airpods into the charging bin, and a pairing window was opened, and I started charging, my impression of this sand sculpture charger began to change: imagine, for some mobile phone heavy users, in the scenario of having a power bank when going out, I would like to use airpods It seems to be a good way to reduce the burden of travel and to give airpods longer service life. < / P > < p > but this kind of accessories without official certification may have certain safety risks. At present, most of the third-party airpods charging boxes on the market have not passed the safety certification. If the airpods are damaged after charging on these chargers, apple is likely to regard it as “product damage caused by third-party parts” and refuse the warranty. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure