The iron man in science fiction is becoming a reality! The reporter learned from the 206 Institute of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China that China’s scientific research team has successfully developed and delivered the first batch of agile unpowered exoskeletons not long ago. It is understood that this type of exoskeleton can help patrol inspection and material handling in high altitude and mountainous areas, so that users can save physical strength. “Global Times” reporter walked into the human function enhancement technology research and development center on the 10th, and personally experienced the convenience of wearing this set of exoskeleton. Zhang Lijian, deputy chief engineer of the No.206 Institute of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China, told the global times on the 10th that during the inspection and material handling work in the extremely harsh high-altitude mountainous areas, due to the complex terrain and strong wind conditions, vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and mechanical dogs and other equipment can not reach some specific areas, so they can only rely on more traditional walking Make. However, the weight of 1 kg on the plain is equivalent to 5 kg at high altitude. Because of the low air pressure and the lack of oxygen in high altitude areas, the movement function of the personnel began to decline from 3500 meters above, and the attenuation was very fast, and it was reduced to 60% to 70% of the normal value at about 5000 meters. According to Zhang Lijian, the agile and unpowered exoskeleton delivered this time can save 5% to 10% of physical strength when climbing and carrying heavy objects. When standing still, basically 70% to 80% of the force will be directly transmitted to the ground, the effect is very obvious. For example, the exoskeleton can also run quickly with a load of 25 kg, because the system has elastic energy storage links to help users save more energy. < / P > < p > due to the use of a large number of carbon fiber materials, this type of exoskeleton not only weighs about 4kg, but also is not easy to break and has good impact resistance. It is not easy to be damaged even if there is occasional collision when used in mountainous areas. In addition, in response to cold weather and wear and other issues, the system does not use plastic parts, Zhang said. < / P > < p > under the leadership of the scientific research team, the reporter came to the production workshop of the agile unpowered exoskeleton and had a try on experience. “Global Times” reporter found that this set of carbon fiber made equipment can be easily put on the body in less than a minute, and it is very light, and it will not feel obvious maladjustment in the process of moving, jumping and running. It’s also very convenient to take off the exoskeleton, which only takes about 10 seconds. If it doesn’t feel obvious after wearing it, then it will feel clearly after wearing it. The research team provided a backpack for the Global Times reporter, which was filled with sandbags with a total weight of 25 kg. The reporter wore exoskeleton and put his back on his back. Although he could feel the body began to bear weight, he could still walk, run and jump more easily. After a period of time, he did not feel obvious pain on his back or shoulder. As a contrast, the reporter took off the exoskeleton and tried to carry the same backpack again. Obviously, he felt the load increased greatly, and he had to spend more efforts on adjusting the body’s center of gravity. Zhang Lijian said that it took only 20 days to produce the first dozens of agile, unpowered exoskeletons. Once customers have demand, the capacity can reach 1000 sets per month, and the unit price can also be reduced. ▲Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days