At the 26th TSMC technical seminar, TSMC not only confirmed that 5nm and 6nm are in mass production, but also that 5nm will launch n5p enhanced version next year, as well as more advanced 3nm and 4nm. 3nm is the natural iteration of 5nm, and 4nm is theoretically the ultimate improvement of 5nm. In terms of technical indicators, 3nm (N3) will be put into trial production at risk later next year and put into mass production in 2022. Compared with 5nm, 3nm can reduce power consumption by 25-30% and improve performance by 10-15%. < / P > < p > 4nm (N4) is also scheduled for risk trial production later next year and mass production in 2022. For TSMC N5 customers, the transition to N4 will be very smooth, that is to say, the cost of tape production will be greatly reduced and the progress will be greatly accelerated. Of course, TSMC is not the only 3nm manufacturer. Samsung is more ambitious and wants to launch 3nm into the market next year. In terms of core technology, Samsung will switch to gate all around (GAA) for 3nm, while TSMC will stick to FinFET. < p > < p > compared with chicken thief, Samsung compared with 7Nm in 3nm, which claimed to reduce core area by 45%, reduce power consumption by 50% and improve performance by 35%. Global Tech