Game developer rami Ismail has just completed a task on twitter, a live streaming media platform, to demonstrate how to control a Boeing 787 to land in the game based on the instructions entered by a large number of netizens in the chat window. It is reported that the long-lasting series of twitch plays began with the game “baokemeng”. But before Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020, rami Ismail had contributed to successful experiments with many games, such as the extremely difficult soul of darkness. Rami ismali pointed out that the experiment of “Microsoft Flight Simulation” remotely controlled by twitch plays was very successful. Netizens not only successfully let the Boeing 787-10 take off through chatting instructions, but also smoothly spent an hour long flight. < / P > < p > after taking off from Kosice International Airport, the live streaming media left many deep impression on us, such as the frightening roller action. If you are interested, you can go to the twitter home page to view the complete video record. Global Tech