Twitter announced on Tuesday that it had taken massive action to limit the coverage of qanon content. Previously, the social media platform has banned many conspiracy theorists because of harassment and misinformation. According to the latest move, twitter will stop recommending accounts and content related to qanon, while limiting its message presentation in trends and searches. A spokesman for the company said the move would affect about 150000 accounts, but asked to remain anonymous for the purpose of preventing harassment.

it is reported that qanon is a conspiracy theory organization supporting trump, such as claiming that trump is brewing a secret war against “deep state”.

but because such accounts always touch anti harassment guidelines, Twitter has been forced to impose restrictions on more than 7000 related accounts in the past few weeks, as part of the new policy.

a twitter spokesman pointed out that the new policy is not only aimed at qanon, but also targeted at the frequent illegal operation of the organization’s account.

under the comprehensive blocking measures, twitter will prohibit topics related to qanon and known websites from appearing in the hot search of the platform, and restrict the operation of adding powder to illegal accounts.