On Wednesday afternoon, Twitter’s official support account informed users of two things, namely, the delay in tweeting timeline and the “wrong” locking of some user accounts. @”We found many accounts locked or restricted incorrectly, but this is not because the content published by users touches specific topics,” twittersupport wrote. We are working to reverse this operation and to bring these accounts back to normal. “. The two problems were resolved in four hours, added twittersupport. As of 4:08 p.m. of Pacific standard time, the affected user tweets should also be able to be presented according to the normal time line. At 4:40 p.m. that day, the problem of account unexpected lock was fixed. In addition, the social platform shares a new help page to help users understand how to handle accounts when they are accidentally locked. The media CNET pointed out that the two problems occurred in the U.S. presidential election season 2020. Because of Twitter The intention is to combat the false and misleading information spread on social platforms, and is trying to accelerate the presidential election from the preparatory stage to 2020 when

< p > unexpected lock-in or account restrictions are being accelerated, because twitter aims to combat false and misleading information spread through social networks and is accelerating the promotion of the disposal policy for illegal accounts or tweets. Global Tech