Twitter will launch a new product this week, allowing users to help monitor misinformation on the platform and write more background notes on the subject of the tweet to dispel readers’ doubts.

This new product, called Birdwatch, is being tested in the United States, and user-written descriptions of misleading content will be concentrated on a single website. And users can vote to decide which instructions are most helpful.

Twitter stated in its official blog on Monday that “when a wide and diverse range of authors reach a consensus”, Twitter will eventually “let the world’s Twitter users directly see these instructions.”

It is said that Birdwatch can help Twitter greatly enhance its ability to detect and combat misleading content, allowing third parties to play a greater role in this process.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are under pressure on how to prevent misinformation from spreading on the platform. Twitter has not yet established a strong content verification mechanism, and will only label misleading content posted by influential users on a few topics.