The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai said on Thursday that the FCC would make new rules to clarify a key legal protection rule for social media companies. This week, twitter announced a ban on sharing a New York Post report about the son of presidential candidate Biden. The decision sparked outrage among Republicans. In May, U.S. President trump instructed the Department of Commerce to submit a petition to the FCC seeking to curb the legal protection of social media, the so-called “230 rules.”. Mr PAYE said the FCC’s general counsel believed that the agency “has the legal jurisdiction to interpret section 230.”. < p > < p > PAYE did not provide any specific information and did not mention whether it would reduce the legal protection available to social media companies. If such a decision is ultimately made, it could affect the current business model of social media companies. < / P > < p > the petition at the time asked the FCC to limit the protection of social media companies under section 230. This provision comes from the communication etiquette act of 1996, which stipulates that social media platforms are not responsible for content published by users, and allows platforms to legally delete objectionable content. < / P > < p > Twitter has frozen the trump campaign account @ teamtrump. Earlier, a video released by the account referred to the New York Post report, which contained details of what Biden’s son called a business deal with a Ukrainian energy company. Global Tech