As early as 2018, nuheara launched iqbugs headphones that reduce background noise and enhance the user’s experience of talking to others. Now, we’ve seen a similar “real wireless headset + hearing aid” 2-in-1 device on indiegogo. It’s the Oliver Pro that looks a bit like Apple’s airpods. After wireless pairing with the phone, the Bluetooth headset can provide a battery life of about 18 hours (plus a portable rechargeable storage box). < / P > < p > compared with other real wireless headphones, Oliver pro’s biggest feature is that it has registered the hearing aid function with FDA. Before use, users need to undergo a short listening test to assess the sensitivity and deficiency of the listening curve (personalized EQ). < / P > < p > olive union added that unlike iqbuses, olive Pro uses multiple microphones on the earplugs to filter out background noise and provide a crystal clear audio experience with little distortion. < / P > < p > at present, olive Pro is crowdfunding on indiegogo. Although there are still 18 days to go before the fund-raising deadline, the project has already exceeded the established goal of $20000 flexible fund-raising. By the time of publication, more than 1100 supporters had contributed 249000 US dollars. < / P > < p > if you are interested, please don’t miss the $199 early bird special. Olive Pro will resume its $299 price in the future. If all goes well, it will start delivery in February 2021. Privacy Policy