We do know that the device exists, however, the problem is that Google has not announced anything. What’s more, we recently discovered that Google will release the Standard Version along with pixel 4A 5g, and the 5g version will be equipped with snapdragon 765G processor.

recently, Google finally released the picture of pixel 4A on Google store. Today, we have news that Google pixel 4A 5g has appeared on mnvo operators. Google pixel 4A 5g appeared on MVNO’s website, raising more questions about the existence and launch of the device.

now, it’s nothing new for devices to appear in official operators or even regulatory websites. However, XDA noted today that there are two Google g025e devices on the list of 5g compatible phones. So it’s certain that Google will release multiple versions of pixel 4a, including 5g and standard versions. Besides the model, we don’t know much about the device. But in the past few months, the phone has been leaked countless times, and at this time, the only thing needed is an official release of the phone.