At the same time, ant financial services A-share and H-share listing was stopped to shake the market, another giant enterprise meituan suddenly announced on November 3 that it was going to be listed twice in A-share market. The first one to report the matter was the Peng Bo news agency, which quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that meituan is considering a secondary listing of A-shares as soon as next year, and has preliminarily discussed with its consultants the possible stock sale transaction in China’s A-share market. Shenzhen GEM may be the listing location, but the relevant listing plan is still in the preliminary stage, and it is not sure that it will eventually come true. < p > < p > another market person close to meituan told Caixin that meituan is now communicating with Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange: “it is possible to list on the science and technology innovation board or the growth enterprise market, mainly depending on whether the exchange has profit requirements for large Internet companies like meituan.” However, meituan’s share price continued to rise. On the afternoon of November 4, its share price rose to HK $320, up more than 7%, and its total market value exceeded HK $1.8 trillion, ranking second only to Alibaba and Tencent in China’s listed technology stocks. < p > < p > meituan is a Chinese shopping platform for local consumer products and retail services. It was established in 2011, merged with Dianping in 2015 and renamed meituan review. It was listed in Hong Kong in 2018, and was renamed in September this year. < / P > < p > at present, the company operates such Internet platforms as, meituan takeout, public comments, Moby bike, etc., involving delivery, catering, movie tickets, bike sharing, online car hailing, train tickets, air tickets, hotel tourism, and B & B apartments. < p > < p > overseas financial circles have initialed the English names of Alibaba, Tencent, meituan and Xiaomi into “atmx” shares. < p > < p > in September 2018, meituan was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, raising about US $4.2 billion, and became the second “same share with different rights” company listed in Hong Kong after Xiaomi. After listing, meituan’s share price has more than tripled in two years. This year, it has risen by more than 200%. Its share price has risen from less than HK $100 to about HK $300. Recently, meituan has seen a strong rise. < p > < p > this year’s epidemic has had an important impact on meituan’s catering delivery, hotel tourism, ticket sales and other businesses. However, with the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation, its business quickly recovered and achieved growth, and further expanded its market share. < p > < p > according to the second quarter report, meituan’s revenue increased from negative to positive, with a total revenue of 24.72 billion (the market expected 23.4 billion, 22.7 billion in the same period of last year), with a year-on-year growth of 8.9%; and the net profit of 2.21 billion, a year-on-year increase of 152%. < p > < p > among them, meituan’s takeout catering business made great contributions, with a transaction amount of 108.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%, an average daily transaction volume of 24.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.9%, and a revenue of 14.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.2%. In the whole second quarter, meituan’s takeout orders, average value and income increased year by year, reflecting that meituan’s catering delivery has gone out of the haze of the epidemic, and its performance is even better than that of the same period last year. < p > < p > first of all, as a large Internet company with a single quarter revenue of more than 20 billion yuan, meituan’s profit situation is still unstable, and it has to spend a lot of money to retain users, businesses and riders (accounting for nearly half of the total cost). The company has only achieved a single quarter profit in the second and third quarters of 2019 and the second quarter of this year. By the end of June 2020, meituan’s current liabilities amounted to 35.87 billion yuan, accounting for 93% of the total liabilities. Therefore, meituan has reason to strive for a second listing in China, so as to raise more funds, reduce financial pressure, and replenish ammunition for further expansion and competitiveness. < p > < p > another type of secondary listing is ant financial, which was originally to be listed in the form of “a + H” in the form of “a + H”, which was suspended only because of Ma Yun’s “rollover” speech and subsequent regulatory policy changes. < p > < p > due to the competitive relationship between meituan and ant in the digital life track (in the second quarter of this year, meituan’s takeaway market accounted for 68.2%, and Alibaba’s famo and Baidu’s takeout market share was 29.8%, meituan’s advantage is obvious). The sharp increase in ant’s valuation has triggered the market’s revaluation of meituan, which further stimulates the company’s share price Meituan is also willing to go public on a shares. If meituan lands on the sci tech innovation board before ant, it is expected to become the first “Chinese version of faamg” company in a share market. In addition, analysts believe that meituan is likely to adopt the vie + CDR model to be listed on the science and technology innovation board, which is also a vie structure. As many rules of the science and technology innovation board have been thoroughly reformed, including the cancellation of the original requirement of “there is no outstanding loss in the latest period” for the unprofitable enterprise growth enterprise market, which is becoming more and more attractive to technology companies and becoming a good listing place. It is expected that more companies will choose the science and technology innovation board in the future. < p > < p > from many aspects, it is almost inevitable that meituan will be listed again, but it is only a matter of time. In this way, domestic investors also have the opportunity to enjoy the dividend of meituan’s rising share price. < p > < p > at present, meituan is expanding into new fields such as fresh food, and speeding up the layout of community group purchase business. Wang Xing said at the second quarter financial report that fresh grocery distribution will be the company’s next major area of attack, will be equipped with the best team, and will increase investment in the next few quarters. < p > < p > in July this year, meituan adjusted its organizational structure and set up an optimization division to upgrade community group buying to a first-class strategy. It plans to enter 20 provinces by the end of the year to achieve “thousand cities” coverage. While preparing for the double 11, meituan also kept a low profile on e-commerce. Alibaba raised local life to No.1 Project. Zhang Yong, CEO of the group, personally led the team. In mid September, the company set up HEMA optimization division to enter the community group buying track; in October, it announced that it would spend HK $28 billion to increase its holding of RT mart’s parent company Gaoxin retail to 72%, which released the signal that Ali was speeding up the layout of new retail. < p > < p > in the new retail fields such as catering takeout, community group buying, fresh food e-commerce, meituan and Ali have become increasingly competitive. In particular, the catering delivery market is currently dominated by meituan and Ali. They either build their own food business supply chain or cooperate with leading supermarket chains to actively expand food retail business. < p > < p > some investment banks estimate that in the next three to five years, the annual compound growth rate of domestic catering takeout revenue will reach 25%, and the growth rate of online daily groceries income will be close to 40%. However, the penetration rate of the latter is only about 6%, which may become another battlefield for fierce competition between the US regiment and Ali in the future. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen