In 2018, Microsoft paid $7.5 billion for GitHub, one of the most expensive acquisitions in Microsoft’s history. More than 50 million developers use GitHub, and they tend to be outspoken, including when it comes to things they don’t like Microsoft. < / P > < p > the agreement continues to present unexpected challenges, such as the recent spat with the recording industry association of America. In October, the Association asked GitHub to shut down YouTube DL, an open source software that allows people to download videos from youtube and other online services. A user on GitHub called the incident “a disgrace to GitHub” and said “Microsoft’s acquisition was a mistake.”. Another user called on Microsoft to resign from the record industry association of record companies and musicians. GitHub’s deletion angered another user, who posted part of GitHub’s own software in the area of the site requesting the removal of digital rights. < / P > < p > like other technology giants Amazon, apple and Google, Microsoft faces challenges related to its size, whether it comes from many competitors, millions of customers, profit seeking investors, or politicians worried about competition. As a repository for open source projects and a virtual lifeline for programmers, GitHub creates another tension. < p > < p > GitHub can solve some problems by persistently protesting users’ needs. Other issues are more sensitive, such as the company’s cooperation with ice, immigration and customs enforcement. < p > < p > GitHub refused to sever its relationship with ice, resulting in the resignation of many employees after the company renewed its contract to use GitHub software with ice. At the end of last year, GitHub’s main users published an open letter insisting that GitHub terminate its contract, citing the agency’s separation of children from their parents and other activities. Last year, two former employees said that hundreds of GitHub employees signed an internal petition asking GitHub to stop cooperating with ice. < p > < p > in solving ice problems, GitHub expressed opposition to family separation. The company believes that it has no service agreement with the agency, does not provide consulting work, and “does not know how the software is used, except for software development and version control.” < / P > < p > in addition to GitHub, Microsoft has also been criticized for providing cloud services to ice, even though the company said in 2018 that it was “disappointed” by the practice of separating families. < / P > < p > for GitHub, recent events involving video download tools provide users with the opportunity to rekindle the ice controversy. Zach Holman, a former GitHub engineer, responded to the explanation given by Nat Friedman, the company’s chief executive, referring to past events. < / P > < p > “it all permeates what they’re doing now,” Holman said. He left GitHub in 2015 and now invests in start-ups. The simplest solution, he said, is to terminate the contract. Friedman said the contract “has no economic benefit for our company.”. < p > < p > earlier this year, after George Floyd was killed in police custody in May and subsequent nationwide protests, technology companies such as GitHub supported the black community. < / P > < p > some GitHub users suggest that the company can rename some of its services so that the ethnically sensitive word “master” can be “decommissioned.”. This term refers to the main area where developers store code. < p > < p > a week later, GitHub announced a plan to change the name of the site to “main.”. Despite good intentions, the company has received a new round of comments on the ice contract. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States