According to a legal document, the trump administration on Wednesday agreed to extend tiktok’s divestiture period in the United States by another seven days < / P > < p > after the trump Administration granted a 15 day extension to the August executive order, which expired on Friday. Tiktok said the latest deadline for the executive order is December 4. Under pressure from the US government, byte hopping has been negotiating for months to finalize deals with Wal Mart and Oracle to transfer TikTok US assets to a new entity. The Treasury did not immediately comment on Wednesday. < / P > < p > a person familiar with the matter, who declined to give details, said byte hopping had submitted a new proposal aimed at addressing the US government’s security concerns. The company disclosed on November 10 that it had submitted four proposals, including one in November, which sought to address us concerns by “creating a new entity, wholly owned by Oracle, Wal Mart and byte hop American investors, and responsible for processing tiktok’s U.S. user data and content auditing.”. According to tiktok’s previous complaint, the proposal submitted by tiktok in November was actually a US “agent operation” scheme, but it was not accepted by the US side. It is understood that after tiktok sued the U.S. government again on November 10, the two sides returned to the negotiation on the “agent operation” scheme. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”