“We need to get these materials. We need to get a better overview of these materials. ” Google lawyer John Schmidt lein said on a conference call. Amit Mehta, judge of the district court for the District of Columbia, heard the case. In October this year, the US Department of Justice accused the $1 trillion search giant of illegally using its market position to suppress competitors. This is the biggest challenge to the power and influence of the technology giant in recent decades. If the trial goes on for months, it’s entirely expected, says Mr Mehta. He asked lawyers in the Department of justice whether Google could be provided as soon as possible with a list of companies cooperating with the government in the case, how much information each company provided and copies of relevant documents. Kenneth dintzer of the justice department made no commitment, but added that Google’s demands were “not unreasonable.”. Ding also pointed out that seven states investigating Google said in October that they would like to merge their cases with those of the government if they chose to sue. Ding CE said the statement is still meaningful. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure