According to the latest report released by data analysis agency NPD, in 2020, the average time spent on video games in the United States reached 15 hours per week, which is 15% higher than that in 2019 (the average time in 2019 was 13 hours a week). According to the NPD report, there is a significant increase in the number of people playing games among adults over 45 years old. Players aged 45-54 spent 59% more time playing games, while players aged 55-64 spent 48% more time playing games. Spending on games grew by 76% and 73% respectively. Players over the age of 65 spent 45% more time playing and 29% more spending. < p > < p > the head of NPD’s game industry, mat Piscatella, pointed out that the game industry had been in continuous growth before the outbreak, and the epidemic accelerated this trend. The question now is whether the game industry can maintain this growth momentum after the epidemic subsides. It is difficult to judge which changes are permanent and which are temporary. Global Tech