Dara khosrowshahi, Uber’s chief executive, said on Friday that a better balance between traditional employee benefits and the freedom of independent contractors was the main driver driving Uber’s business.

kosloshahi wrote on Twitter: “baristas can’t decide their working hours, they can’t just make lattes instead of cappuccinos, and they can’t choose to leave in the morning rush hour and open the door of another coffee shop to start making coffee without the permission of their boss.” He then recounted and shared an article by Alison Stein, an economist at Uber, about leaving the routine of nine to five behind.

according to stan’s article, a recent survey of drivers in California shows that 88% of people start driving because they need to be more flexible about where and when to work.

kosloshahi wrote: “as an employer, Uber’s job is to control the number of drivers, how much work they do and when they work. The forced choice is real. Do we want drivers to remain flexible and get new benefits, or do we want some of them to become employees and others to lose their jobs? ”

in an article published on August 10, kosloshahi said that the government should ask the odd economy enterprises to set up welfare funds for their employees and provide them with cash so that they can use them for the welfare benefits they need, such as medical insurance. Global Tech