Uber, the taxi app, will try to recapture its London operating license in court on Tuesday after the city’s traffic regulator revoked it for safety reasons. In 2019, transport for London refused to give Uber a new licence because of what it called a “failure mode” in terms of safety and security, including driver identity issues. < / P > < p > Uber’s license was rejected by TFL in 2017, and the judge restored it on a trial basis. Uber has changed its business model to enable it to continue to operate in one of the most important markets in London. < / P > < p > “over the past few months, we have been trying to address TFL’s concerns, implement real-time identification checks for drivers, and work to make people drive safely in cities,” said Jamie Heywood, the company’s head in northern and Eastern Europe. < / P > < p > in November 2019, TFL stated that unauthorized drivers were able to upload their photos to other Uber accounts, resulting in passengers being picked up by these drivers on at least 14000 trips, rather than registered authorized drivers. Deputy senior district judge Tan Ikram will chair the hearing at Westminster magistracy from Tuesday to Thursday. < / P > < p > until the appeal process is completed, Uber’s 45000 drivers in London will still be able to operate, which may continue for months or years, depending on when the ruling is made and further legal action taken. < / P > < p > in London, traditional black taxi drivers see Uber as a threat to their livelihoods and block the streets in protest. Their industry body, the London registered taxi drivers association, was also involved in the case. Privacy Policy