Foreign media reported that Britain has launched a nanosatellite made by spire global UK, which is smaller than a microwave oven. As the smallest satellite developed by the country, it arrived at the scheduled orbit on the Russian Soyuz carrier rocket at 12:20 pm GMT on September 28. < p > < p > with the help of satellites and related technologies, nearly 100 orbiters are tracking the movements of ships and even small yachts around the world. For shipping enterprises, this helps them to fully grasp their own assets. However, from the practical application, the system still has a lot of room for improvement. Spire global UK’s new generation of satellites aims at ultra-precision prediction of ship movements, so as to better plan navigation and enable the terminal to efficiently schedule the arrival time of ships. < / P > < p > in addition to the supercomputing version of global shipping tracking, spire also uses two other “relay stations” to transmit the collected data directly back to the ground station, thus speeding up the analysis time. < / P > < p > and due to the small size of such satellites, space ports in the UK can also be launched easily, and it is expected to achieve global coverage through large-scale clusters in the future. Global Tech