On December 31, it was reported that recent progress has been made in the malicious report of UKI by employees of social networking company sol. Today, social networking start-up company UKI issued a statement, saying that the case of malicious report by employees of soul has been sentenced recently. In the first instance judgment of Shanghai Putuo District People’s court, it was found that Li and fan, employees of sol, committed crimes of damaging business reputation. According to informed sources, in the first instance, Li was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, one year’s probation and a fine of 50000 yuan, while fan was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, one year’s probation and a fine of 30000 yuan. During his tenure as an employee of souki, he directly benefited from a false statement made by a certain company. UKI said that the crimes committed by the two people represent the will of the unit and are closely related to the intelligence of the unit, with the purpose of serving the interests of the unit company. In the statement, UKI stressed that several employees from various departments of sol in Beijing and Shanghai were directly involved in the work of making screenshots, coordinating transmission, contacting and reporting, and said, “there are many leaders and key figures from multiple departments.”. < / P > < p > according to previous media reports, in November 2019, UKI was taken off the shelves of mainstream app stores, and the company was interviewed by regulatory authorities. In February 2020, the suspect Lee and fan were arrested by the Putuo District people’s Procuratorate for alleged damage to commercial reputation and reputation. < / P > < p > UKI related staff told Phoenix Science and technology that when they communicated with the regulatory authorities, they found that the relevant reporting materials did not pass the system internal audit, and the reporting materials were sent screenshots. According to the person, the company’s internal investigation found that the account number that sent the illegal information pointed to the same place. < / P > < p > after the relevant incident was disclosed by the media, soul issued a statement saying that the incident involved former employees of the company and that the case had nothing to do with the company. The move, which souki said in a public statement, was a violation of the competition law and continued to apologize to the company’s operation Department. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple