After Comrade cook’s “empty shot” autumn conference in September, we finally ushered in the annual “serious” iPhone release conference in October. After watching the “full of dry goods” conference, various lengthy introductions and “clone” information sprang up like mushrooms. However, the boasting is the same, and the pragmatic “dry goods” are one in ten thousand. Let’s not talk about those who are too stupid. I will tell you the secrets that Apple didn’t tell you about iPhone 12. < / P > < p > although the configuration of new iPhones can be “pocketed” before the release every year, the price of the iPhone still needs to be determined at the end of the year Although it seems that the starting price of the 12 series is the same as that of the iPhone 11 series last year, it is actually the price of the iPhone 12 mini, which is the “brother” of the iPhone 12. However, the price of the iPhone 12, which is really benchmarked with last year’s iPhone 11, has reached 6299 yuan this year. Although 5g cost is high, Mr. cook still keeps the starting price the same as last year with exquisite knife technique ~ < / P > < p > at the press conference, apple comrades swore that the iPhone 12 Mini is only better than the iPhone 12 is just smaller, which makes many friends who fear that mini will be “castrated” before the press conference to breathe a sigh of relief, but after the press conference, “levinhook” found three controversial differences between the two in addition to the size. < / P > < p > this year’s iPhone 12 series is smaller and lighter than last year’s iPhone 11 series, but the screen size has not changed. This is not only due to the narrower screen border, but also to the right angle design. (you can make up your mind to make everything on both sides of the rounded frame at a right angle, isn’t it a lot narrower all of a sudden) < / P > < p > when it was exposed on the Internet that the battery capacity of this year’s iPhone 12 series was “shrunk”, many friends said that 5g Apple also reduced the battery, which is crazy! But in fact, thanks to the 5nm A14 chip and ios14, the iPhone 12 series, which has a smaller battery and supports 5g, has almost the same service life as the iPhone 11 series. < / P > < p > about iPhone It must have been heard that there are no earphones and chargers in the 12 series. But the reason for Apple’s doing this is very simple. The premise is that the cost of the iPhone 12 series is high. With the support of fast charging now, the headphones are becoming wireless. The cost of the upgraded quick charging head and wireless headset is too high to send. If the cost is low, people will scold them. They simply refuse to send them. < / P > < p > on the one hand, it can balance the rising cost of 5g iPhone; on the other hand, it can also let apple, a company that pays attention to environmental protection, contribute to the environmental protection of the earth. Why not? < p > < p > 2. It is no longer as simple as the difference size: last year’s Pro Series is basically pure difference size, and this year’s iPhone 12 Pro Series also has a gap in Apple’s most concerned photo taking. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than the iPhone 12 pro in optical zoom, sensor and anti shake, and the two are not the same in the long focus aperture. < p > < p > 3. Starting memory 128G: last year, the memory of the iPhone 11 Pro Series started with 64g and directly skipped 128G, which was strongly condemned by many consumers. However, in this year’s iPhone 12 Pro Series, apple corrected this “error” and directly set the starting memory of iPhone 12 Pro Series as 128G. < / P > < p > carrying Beidou is popular expectation, because China’s beidou-3 satellite navigation system has been completed and started to provide services to the world. At present, 70% of smart phones have already supported it, but in China, only Apple’s iPhone does not support it. < / P > < p > and the reason behind Apple’s support for Beidou this time is probably related to the fact that the new machine is equipped with the new high pass baseband, which is also the first iPhone series after the settlement between apple and Qualcomm. Therefore, Apple’s much criticized signal problem will also be in the iPhone 12 series can be solved ~ < / P > < p > when new machines come into the market, the old ones will naturally be reduced in price. However, after this price reduction, the iPhone has formed the most complete price radiation in history. If you look at the chart, you can understand ~ < / P > < p > whether it is the forecast before the meeting or the pictures in the press conference, iPhone There is a long strip-shaped area under the unlocking key of each machine in series 12. The media generally speculate that it is the magnetic absorption area of accessories. < / P > < p > but any iPhone you see on Apple’s official website in China after the launch There is no such area under the unlock key of 12 series mobile phones, and many pictures on the official website have avoided that area, and Apple’s new accessories have not used this area, but it has been in the press conference, so this area is likely to be used by millimeter wave and other technologies, while the Bank of China does not need ~ < / P > < p > years and years, similar phones, and different year-on-year “quantities”, about the new iPho NE has a lot of praise and abuse every year, but whether the product is good or not depends on the market performance, because the things that can let big guys pull out real gold and silver to support must not be bad. < / P > < p > whether Huawei OV or apple Samsung can be proud of the global mobile phone market, it is because their products or strategies can withstand the test of the market. 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