Today, unity announced that it will launch the game growth program, an accelerated program dedicated to helping independent studios develop free mobile games. The program will provide technical, resource and financial support to selected developers to help them complete the game, and a unity developer team will provide strategic advice. < / P > < p > unity promises to allow partners to gain full creative control and ownership of their IP, while never charging these partners after the project is completed. < / P > < p > “good games are often overlooked, especially independent games.” “We believe that creators should not choose between entertainment and strategies to attract viewers to make money,” said Julie Shumaker, an executive at unity < / P > < p > “in the end, the game development program will support developers to achieve great game success with their studios and IP. Our measure of success is whether these developers who have participated in the program can go beyond the plan, build a sustainable business and develop independently. ” Skip to content