According to foreign media CNET, the popularity of the new crown has imposed many restrictions on people, making it more difficult for people to plan a day’s shopping, which has led to more people turning to online retailers. Online retailers need someone to deliver goods. As it turns out, companies like ups and FedEx are really starting to feel the pressure. Both express delivery companies are facing a serious shortage of delivery trucks, according to a report on Wednesday. In other words, both need to get more trucks as soon as possible, and their partners have begun to rent trucks or buy used trucks. Brendan Keegan, chief executive of merchants fleet, which provides vehicles for express delivery companies, told CNET that any truck for sale is OK and the company needs them now. < / P > < p > earlier this year, each of the major auto makers shut down operations to slow the spread of covid-19, and in the process, car manufacturers’ production has been greatly reduced. Meanwhile, as social distance becomes the norm, more people have begun to rely on online retailers and door-to-door delivery for more goods. Now, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, these express companies have too many choices. < / P > < p > this also means that delivery is more expensive this year. UPS implemented a “peak surcharge” to help offset increased delivery costs, the report said. UPS confirmed the surcharges to CNET and said: “although the volume of packages and demand has made the rental vehicle market more tense than in recent years, we are ready to serve the needs of our customers.” FedEx did not immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment. Global Tech