It is reported that some customers in Canada and the United States have been informed by UPS that their airpods Max will not be delivered because they contain & quot; hazardous materials & quot;. As the first airpods Max began to arrive around the world, an unknown number of customers were told that their airpods Max would not be delivered. UPS’s description of & quot; anomalies & quot; appears to be limited to Canadian customers. < / P > < p > users report that returns occur about half of the shipping process, and their packages arrive at UPS centers in Ontario, California, before they are stopped by UPS. UPS has sent shipping notices to several buyers in Canada saying that dangerous materials and abnormal conditions have been found in this package. We will contact the sender for more information. The package will be returned to the sender. ” Neither UPS nor apple has commented on the issue. The problem may be related to the label, which did not provide a written warning of the existence of batteries on the label when these special airpods Max were shipped. In addition, the new order delivery date of airpods Max has been scheduled to 2021. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days