On October 13, 2020, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) decided to launch a 337 investigation on video processing equipment and its components, digital smart TV and its downstream products. The investigation was filed with ITC by DivX on September 10, accusing ITC of infringing its patent on the above products exported, imported or sold in the United States, and requested ITC to issue a limited exclusion order and a prohibition order. TCL, Samsung, LG and other enterprises are involved in the case. On October 16, Wu Jiyu, vice president of TCL electronics and general manager of overseas marketing department of TCL intelligent terminal business group, told reporters of first finance and economics that he had paid attention to the above news. Now TCL and its partners are working together to deal with it, and it is expected that it will eventually settle down. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading worldwide this year.

has also been increasing significantly in the consumer market. According to public information, from January to September 2020, a total of 336 new trade remedy cases were initiated by foreign countries, including 109 cases involving China, accounting for 32.4%, including 75 cases of anti-dumping, 17 cases of countervailing and 17 cases of safeguard measures. In the face of economic and trade frictions, the enterprises involved should actively participate in responding to the lawsuit, confirm the scope of the case, pay attention to defense skills, improve the financial system, and establish an early warning mechanism. Global Tech