U.S. prosecutors say Anthony levandowski, an autopilot engineer, pleaded guilty to stealing Google secrets and should be sentenced to 27 months in prison. Before the verdict next week, government lawyers told the judge that the punishment for Lewandowski was an important lesson for Silicon Valley. Lewandowski could raise an objection later on Tuesday.

“in view of the excessive conduct in this case and in order to prevent similar acts in the future, the government proposes to give a medium-sized reference judgment,” the prosecution said in the document.

Uber recruited Lewandowski from Google to operate her autopilot project and then dismiss Uber and Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo, a company that developed an autopilot car.

in March, Lewandowski reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, two weeks after he filed for bankruptcy in a civil dispute related to Google. Google received $179 million in compensation after Lewandowski moved to Uber. Bankruptcy makes it more difficult for Lewandowski’s long-lasting and costly efforts to avoid criminal charges. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines – though not required of judges – Lewandowski faces up to 30 months in prison. Without this guideline, he could have been in prison for as long as 10 years. Under the plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to drop 32 of the 33 charges, and Lewandowski was required to pay waymo $750000 as compensation for waymo’s assistance in investigating all expenses. (Berg)