According to the SEC, the company is investigating a potential fraud in the U.S. electric truck trading agency. In a report released on September 10, short seller Hindenburg research called Nikolay a “complex scam” and made other charges, including exaggeration of the company’s ability to test its earliest trucks. Nicholas countered by accusing the short maker of misleading statements aimed at manipulating its shares. < / P > < p > the controversy prompted the SEC to investigate Hindenburg’s charges to determine whether Nicholas had violated U.S. securities laws. The regulator’s review is preliminary and may not lead to charges of misconduct, the source said. In a statement on Monday, Nikolai said Hindenburg was trying to profit from the “artificial decline” in its share price. “Nikolai has contacted and informed the SEC of Nikolai’s concerns about the Hindenburg report, and Nikolai is ready to cooperate fully with the SEC in investigating these matters.” Nathan Anderson, founder of Hindenburg, said in a statement that he was “heartened by the regulatory review.” Global Tech