As the most uncertain election in modern American history is approaching, social networks are making a last ditch effort to get their users to register to vote. These efforts coincide with national voter registration day in the United States, which also confirms the efforts being made by companies such as twitter, Facebook and snapchat to get people to vote by live or email. Snapchat says it has helped 750000 U.S. users register to vote. The company announced new voter centric events, including cartoon character Snoopy, former President Barack Obama and Hollywood influence Arnold Schwarzenegger. The social media company has also launched a number of new snap original products with the theme of the US election, including the good luck voter! Mini series and the election themed “while black with MK Asante” special. < / P > < p > in addition to the star effect, snapchat has a tool that also prompts users to make a voting plan with friends and allows users to apply for mail voting through the app. Any account on the discovery page on snapchat can embed the platform’s voter registration tool directly into their content. < p > < p > twitter also places voter registration at the top of the list. On September 22, all Twitter users in the United States received a prompt asking them to register or confirm their voter registration through turbovote. Prompts and accompanying push reminders are sent in 40 languages. New reminders are added to the company’s existing voting information center and your voice your voice events. In addition, Twitter has added Emoji Emoji, a new tag related to “national voterregistration day” and “voteready”. However, on Tuesday, youtube and tiktok didn’t seem to hold their own voter registration activities, but Google, reddit and discord all put up prominent banners on their home pages to remind users to register for a vote. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia