Google has quietly updated Google assistant to allow users to pick a default podcast service provider. Whether it’s Google home smart speakers, chromebook netbooks, smart displays, Android TV (6.0 +), mobile phones, or tablets, you can now select a default player through Google assistant. < / P > < p > Google podcasts claims to help users easily access more than one million free podcasts, but at present, Google assistant only provides this default option in the settings menu, and other third-party services obviously have to wait for a while. < / P > < p > similarly, although Google offers the smart assistant the option to change the default photo app / Ling TV, only its own photo album / sling TV app is on the current list. < / P > < p > if you really don’t want to call Google podcast by default, please also specify “no default provider”. Then whenever you want to call Google assistant, remember to add a specific service provider name to the voice command. Global Tech