On Friday, us time, some Amazon users found that their apple card accounts had been deleted even though they had previously stored their apple card accounts in Amazon accounts. Amazon responded that it did not intentionally prohibit users from using apple card as a payment option because of a vulnerability. “We already know that this is caused by a technical problem, and we are trying to solve it as soon as possible,” an Amazon spokesman said in a statement < / P > < p > with apple card, users can complete contactless payment through apple pay system, but it is also a MasterCard credit card with a credit card number and the same functions as other credit cards. That’s why Amazon allows users to pay with an apple card, but Amazon doesn’t support Apple pay. < p > < p > last year, pembo pointed out that Apple card is an “elite” card, which means that it charges a higher transaction fee. Merchants have no choice but to pay more for “elite” cards. When MasterCard signed a contract with the store, it was clearly stipulated that the card with higher charge and lower charge could not be rejected. Global Tech