As we all know, steam platform has a lower limit on the launch of games. Many strange games have been set up on steam. Under normal circumstances, V society does not pay much attention to them. Today (December 1), however, is somewhat different. < / P > < p > the last time the game was banned was six days ago. Club V only banned more than 20 games. This time, however, so many games have been blocked, which makes people worry about whether they have started harmonious action again? Don’t be nervous, most of the games that have been blocked are free, or small games with charity bags. Many games have not even been heard of, but players who like “Hi plus one” may suffer some losses, because the game will not be displayed on steam after being blocked. < p > < p > Club V did not announce the reasons for banning these games. It is estimated that these games are not popular enough or they are so boring that they are cut down by club v. Privacy Policy