Valve announced today that they have launched the steam points store developer tool for game developers, so that qualified steam game developers can add their own works into items, such as animated personal icons, borders and stickers, to the steam points store. < p > < p > steam points store is a function launched by valve in June this year. Players can get points as long as they shop on steam or make contributions to the steam community. For example, players can get points when they buy games, DLC, hardware, soundtrack or game items, and 174 points can be obtained for every 50 yuan spent. Players can use points to redeem in the store, such as personalizing their own steam profile background or chatting items. < / P > < p > now valve is open, and game developers can use tools to build steam For exclusive items of point store, developers can see the new block of “exclusive items of point store” under “community items” in the “app administrator” page. Developers can create animated personal icons, borders, mini profile background, etc. as long as the items are completed and submitted for review, these items will be in steam Points on the shelf, so that all players can buy. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days