Valve may not have thought that Apple has a chance to appear in the monopoly lawsuit with Epic Games. Previously, in order to fight against epic’s accusations, apple issued a subpoena asking valve to provide a large amount of financial data and sales details of several games on steam.


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The reason they gave was that the move would help determine the market size of epic’s digital distribution channels, thereby proving Apple’s claim that there is no lack of competition.

Apple’s initial request involved more than 30000 games, but it later narrowed the scope to 436, which is obviously not a small number. Valve’s response was that Apple’s requirements were too broad and involved “highly confidential” business information, which would create an “extra burden” on valve employees. On the steam platform, a third party controls the price and internal purchase content, so in the view of valve, apple purely wants to take the opportunity to obtain data that cannot be obtained by conventional means.

Valve questioned Apple’s motives, stressing that it had never competed in the mobile app market, and that the 436 Games “couldn’t show” the full picture of the market. They also pointed out that Apple’s definition of the market was contradictory before and after the lawsuit. At first, it was the distribution platform of Fortress night, and then it was just epic. And valve “is neither epic nor fortress night” on steam, which is very strange to be involved in the case.

Because there was no agreement, apple and valve have now sent a joint letter to the court, which has yet to make a final decision on the summons.

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