Rocket lab’s electron rocket will be launched from the picturesque m ā HIA Peninsula in New Zealand on Thursday local time, foreign media reported. The mission will be an important step in the company’s ambitious plans to recover rocket boosters from helicopters in the air. It will also be a big moment for gnome chompski, the garden dwarf, and Gabe Newell, founder of video game giant valve. < / P > < p > it is reported that a 5-inch high-precision Chomsky made of titanium will be tied to a round platform of the electron rocket, the kick stage, and then be thrown into orbit during the mission, eventually falling back to earth. The fans of half life must be very familiar with Chomsky. In half life 2: Chapter 2, the little rocket man achievement is achieved by bringing the dwarf from his hiding place in the communications building to a rocket. This is very close to the actual task. < / P > < p > it is understood that Chomsky’s flight is not all about science and video games. It will also donate money to charity. Newell promised to donate $1 to the pediatric intensive care unit of the Starship foundation in New Zealand for every additional spectator watching the ship. Global Tech