Electric vehicle spontaneous combustion has become a hot topic recently. Because of spontaneous combustion, Tesla reduced the daily available power of vehicles; because of spontaneous combustion, Weilai invested a lot of money to recall; because of spontaneous combustion, recently Ningde era was even spread or transferred to a conservative battery technology route, and the stock price fell sharply due to fluctuations Since the beginning of this year, the frequent spontaneous combustion accidents of new energy vehicles have pushed the battery safety of electric vehicles to the top of the waves, which has become one of the focus problems for OEMs and suppliers. According to the statistics of GGII, there have been about 20 spontaneous combustion incidents of new energy vehicles in China since the first half of this year. However, during the same period, the number of spontaneous combustion accidents of domestic traditional fuel vehicles is several times or even dozens of times. < / P > < p > “the spontaneous combustion rate of pure electric vehicles in China’s new energy vehicle industry is 0.0032%, which is close to the spontaneous combustion rate of 0.003% in the United States. The spontaneous combustion rate of traditional fuel vehicles in China is 0.015%. ” At the end of last year, Mei Songlin, chief data officer of Weima Automobile Co., Ltd., shared his findings at an industry summit after integrating the data of auto insurance companies in China and the United States. He pointed out that the spontaneous combustion rate of fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles in both places were very close to 5:1. < / P > < p > as a major trend of the future industry, pure electric new energy vehicles have attracted much attention. Due to their high attention and topicality, the problems such as spontaneous combustion accident and battery safety have been magnified. At present, it has become a curse on vehicle manufacturers and even suppliers. < / P > < p > on May 18, this year, a pure electric new energy vehicle in Guangzhou had a suspected spontaneous combustion fire accident. Due to or being the first case of the brand, and at the same time, the sales performance of the model within the year was outstanding, and the relevant videos and pictures immediately triggered hot discussions in the industry. < / P > < p > with regard to the above-mentioned suspected Spontaneous Combustion Accident of pure electric new energy vehicles, nearly four months after the publication, the vehicle companies and power battery suppliers involved have not made official explanations on the nature and causes of the accident. < / P > < p > What’s more embarrassing is that the accident on May 18 was like the prelude to the spontaneous combustion of pure electric new energy vehicles in the year. After that, similar problems occurred continuously, involving more and more car companies and models. < / P > < p > on September 11, industry insiders close to the brands of new energy vehicles suspected of spontaneous combustion on May 18 disclosed to reporters, including the suspected spontaneous combustion in Guangzhou on May 18, and the subsequent multiple safety accidents of pure electric new energy vehicles that smoke and burn when charging in Shenzhen, Haikou and other cities all involve the same batch of NCM of Ningde era 811 (nickel cobalt manganese content ratio 8:1:1) battery, “about 4000 vehicles are involved. If it is necessary to repair or replace at least 200 million yuan, it is not sure whether to replace or repair at present. It is said that Ningde era is responsible for the cost”. At the same time, another person close to Ningde times told the times weekly that the main reason for the main engine plant to inform the owners was to check the “nickel plate of battery”, and the final cause of spontaneous combustion could not be confirmed. In addition, the person also said that at present, Ningde era’s “811” battery is used in domestic joint venture brands and overseas, “there is no problem for the time being.”. Zeng Piquan, Deputy Secretary General of the new energy vehicle branch of China Automobile Circulation Association, pointed out in an interview with the times weekly on September 11 that although batteries with high nickel content, such as ncm811, will be less stable due to its high energy density, factors such as pack and battery management system (BMS) may also cause self ignition of pure electric new energy vehicles Burning factor. < / P > < p > although the cause of a series of pure electric new energy vehicles suspected of spontaneous combustion is unknown, it has caused turbulence in the secondary market of Ningde era, the largest power battery supplier in China. As a representative supplier of this type of power battery, Ningde times has been said to abandon the formula of NCM 811 and switch to the more conservative formula of NCM 523 battery due to the accidents of pure electric new energy vehicles equipped with high nickel content ternary lithium batteries. Although the official clarification of Ningde times (300750. SZ) was followed up, it still failed to avoid large fluctuations in the secondary market level. According to times weekly, the stock price of Ningde times has fluctuated greatly since September. As of September 14, the stock price of Ningde times was 192.78 yuan / share, down 11% from 214.25 yuan / share on September 1. If converted into market value, Ningde times has evaporated more than 50 billion yuan in half a month. < / P > < p > “whether the spontaneous combustion of a series of vehicles equipped with NCM 811 batteries is simply due to the problem of batteries. From the perspective of the trend of technological development, it is a necessary stage for Ningde era to finally realize cobalt free batteries, and it is impossible to turn around and do” 523 “.” On September 14, a power battery technology expert told the times weekly. < / P > < p > in addition to the technical trend, the above-mentioned experts also pointed out the differences in performance between ternary lithium batteries with high nickel content and other formula batteries. “BYD Han ev (four-wheel drive high-performance version) equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery has run 1 minute and 25 seconds in Jingang, Beijing. And the Tesla Model 3, which is the lowest one equipped with “811” lithium-ion batteries, can run nearly 1 minute and 22 seconds on the same track. ” < / P > < p > “we should know that the 100 km acceleration performance of the latter is obviously inferior to that of the Han EV, and I believe that the reversal of lap speed results will eventually result in the performance difference of batteries with different formulations, in addition to the factors such as vehicle adjustment and thermal management system.” In other words, for high-end pure electric new energy vehicles with higher performance requirements, the ternary lithium battery with high nickel content is a more matching choice. < / P > < p > it can be seen that in the irreversible trend of electrification, choosing a more conservative battery technology route to ensure safety can be regarded as a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. It is also important to relieve consumers’ concerns about battery safety and establish a correct understanding and understanding of battery safety. < / P > < p > “in the short term, a series of suspected spontaneous combustion accidents will certainly have a certain negative impact on automobile enterprises and battery suppliers, but it is not necessarily a bad thing to look at the time dimension in a long time, which is better than a similar problem after mass production. Moreover, I think that after this incident, Ningde era will be promoted to adjust its high nickel battery technology route more steadily, and further strengthen the cooperation with main engine manufacturers in battery quality control, so as to further improve the safety of electric vehicles. “. Mo Ke, founder of true lithium research, said in an interview with time weekly about the current “811” battery storm. 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