The newly released iPhone 12 no longer comes with earpods small white headset and charger. Not only that, but in fact, the new iPhone XR / 11 / SE (second generation) on Apple’s official website will adopt the same approach. Apple watch had already cut out chargers from all its products. < p > < p > Apple’s statement is out of environmental protection considerations. When communicating with American media, kaiann drance, vice president of Apple’s iPhone product marketing, responded positively once again. < / P > < p > she says there are already a lot of new features on the new iPhone, and the price is right, which she thinks is more attractive. As for other reasons, drance pointed out that people usually have earphones and chargers in their homes, or even more than one, so apple made the right choice after considering the environmental impact, that is, not adding “e-waste” to users. < p > < p > although Apple’s statement is solid, but from the perspective of utility, at least in the short term, Apple will benefit the most. First of all, after the packaging volume is reduced, more iPhones can be transported at a single time, reducing logistics costs. Second, the profit of iPhone itself has been guaranteed. Although Apple has reduced the price of earphone and charging head accessories, it is a considerable income to sell them separately. Global Tech