Tim millet, vice president of platform architecture at Apple, talked about the design of the new A14 bionic processor, the importance of machine learning, and the company’s differences from its competitors. It is reported that Apple released the iPad air 4 tablet during the online event in September, and the built-in A14 bionic chipset ushered in a major upgrade from the previous generation. Recently, Tim millet, vice president of Apple platform architecture, gave some explanations on the development trend of A14 bionic chip in an interview with German magazine stern. < / P > < p > first of all, although Apple was not the inventor of the basic machine learning and neural engine decades ago, the company did find a way to speed up the process. < p > < p > machine learning needs to train neural networks on complex data systems. With the increase of storage capacity, machines can be fed more and more large data sets. But it was not until the early 2010’s that the speed of learning began to change significantly. < / P > < p > fast forward to 2017, Apple released its first iPhone x smartphone with face ID face recognition. Its built-in a11 chip can process 600 billion arithmetic operations per second. However, the A14 bionic chip on the latest generation of iPad air 4 uses 5nm technology, and the calculation amount is more than 18 times that of the former, reaching 11 trillion times per second. “We are very excited about the emergence of machine learning and the new topics brought about by machine learning. We believe that the application of A14 bionic chip will make people feel amazing again,” Tim millet told stern. Of course, hardware is not the only thing that matters in terms of actual performance. Millet also noted that Apple’s hardware and software development teams have a unique position in collaboration to build software that works for everyone. < / P > < p > “throughout the development process, we have worked closely with the software team to ensure that we are not only building a technology that is useful to a few people, but also want to help thousands of IOS developers.”. < / P > < p > in addition, Tim millet emphasizes the importance of core ml, which is often used in machine learning infrastructure such as language processing and image / sound analysis. Apple provides access to core ml for developers to make full use of this feature in apps. < / P > < p > “we’ve invested a lot of time to make sure that we don’t just package transistors into different chips, but we want the public to have access to them. Core ml is a great opportunity for developers who want to learn more about it. “. < p > < p > it is reported that core ml is not only a key component of djay, the best-selling DJ application in the world, but also one of its adopters, adobe, a software giant. < / P > < p > finally, Tim millet explains why face ID does not support wearing masks to unlock faces. Although the company’s face recognition model has been quite good in theory, it is difficult to bring higher recognition in the case of external objects occlusion. < p > < p > Apple is committed to ensuring the security of user data, so after weighing convenience and security, apple still chooses to stick to the principle in this special period. Global Tech