Citizen, a watch maker, has long been a retro, classic image, but now it is embracing modern technology more. Although CZ smart is not the first smart watch in West Rail City, it is the first watch with full digital screen and brings a series of familiar applications and functions to traditional design. < / P > < p > CZ smart is a bit similar to the common men’s models of the West Rail City, with a sturdy bezel, black anodized aluminum top ring and side buttons and dial. But for the first time, the watch is equipped with a 1.28 Inch Touch AMOLED screen instead of a static dial. The system has built-in active, dashboard, Neo and retro digital dials, which are all from the classic dial design of West Rail city. < / P > < p > like any other smart watch, CZ smart can not only indicate the time, but also do more. It runs Google’s wear OS system, so it can display many common applications including alarm clock, calendar, contacts, stopwatch and timer. The built-in speaker and microphone allow the wearer to answer phone calls, receive SMS and email notifications, and ask Google assistant questions. < / P > < p > CZ smart can connect to a mobile phone or headset via Bluetooth, connect to the Internet via Wi Fi, GPS and NFC for navigation, and make contactless payment via Google pay. There’s also a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope that can be used with Google fit and other apps to track your pace, sleep, exercise and exercise. The watch will last more than 24 hours and can fill up to 80% of its capacity with 40 minutes of charging, according to CITC. The CZ smart is 30 meters waterproof and compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The CZ smart watch, which retails at $395, has been ordered in the United States and will begin shipping on December 14. Global Tech