Dog training usually requires human participation, but if there is no human participation, will it bring better results? Recently, labion Pro launched its first dog protection training machine in San Francisco, named companies. < / P > < p > companionpro looks like a Soviet era space heater, but it contains image sensors, Google edge TPU AI processor, wireless connection, lighting, speakers and proprietary “treatment transmitter”, which can provide extremely important training rewards. < / P > < p > the key to the operation of the training machine is computer vision, which can detect the behavior of the dog in real time to adjust the transmission of its reward, so as to enhance the required behavior. SF SPCA said it would soon release peer-reviewed case studies. It can well simulate a skilled human trainer, but it has yet to be evaluated. < / P > < p > according to the company’s tensorflow blog post, companion promises that the machine will “be good at performing repetitive tasks with perfect consistency and infinite patience.”. This shows that it focuses not only on the repeatability of extended training, but also on its scale. SF SPCA blog post said: “companion technology will enable shelters to make full use of the time animals spend alone to relieve stress and teach dogs how to help them adopt more quickly and stay at home forever.”. Privacy Policy