In the latest iPhone 12 series, apple is equipped with Corning’s ceramic shield panel on the front of the body. Through the new process, nano ceramic crystals are integrated into the glass matrix, which greatly improves the hardness and improves the fall resistance by four times. The digital channel mobileviewseh has actually tested the iPhone 12 with a dynamometer and compared it with the iPhone 11. < / P > < p > in a separate scratch test, the iPhone 12 can withstand scratches from keys, coins, stones and box cutters, and there are no scratches on the screen after the final test. In the Mohs hardness test, there are scratches on the iPhone 11 at 6-7, while there are no scratches on the iPhone 12 at 6 and a few scratches at 7. In the case of hardness 8, there are obvious scratches. Hardness 8, by contrast, has been able to scratch the sapphire lens of the iPhone. < / P > < p > the edges of the iPhone 12 are also not abrasion resistant, and the glass on the back of the body should be the same as the iPhone 11. “The super ceramic crystal shield panel on the iPhone 12 series is absolutely more robust, more than 100 newtons,” said mobile reviews EH. But it’s similar to the iPhone 11 in terms of scratch protection for the rest. ” Global Tech