Although Google has strong strength in software development, its performance in hardware is dwarfed. Although it has cultivated some fans with its native Android experience, the pixel series has been widely criticized for its workmanship and hardware problems. The newly released pixel 5 also hasn’t got rid of this curse. Many users have reported that the screen and the middle frame of the mobile phone are separated. However, Google thinks that this is part of the mobile phone design and belongs to the normal range. < / P > < p > Google said pixel 5 uses a 100% recyclable aluminum alloy body with a round hole cut in the middle and a “bio resin skin” attached to it to provide wireless charging. Zack Nelson, anchor of Jerry rig everything, recently tested pixel 5 for durability. After dismantling, it was found that the bio resin material did not cover the whole back of the pixel 5. The metal frame actually reserved a large hole in the middle for wireless charging. Global Tech