In a video released on Thursday by the well-known digital channel unbox therapy, Apple’s self-designed mask and its recently adopted clearmask are unpacked and initially experienced. The video details Apple’s design of masks, which are prepared by the company’s engineering and industrial design team for corporate and retail employees during the outbreak. < / P > < p > each box is equipped with 5 individually packaged masks, and users can connect earrings to the back of their head for safer wearing. The instructions printed on the sealed package are designed in a typical Apple way and tell users to wash their hands, open the mask, and adjust the tape to fit. Similar to Apple’s consumer products, the packaging box is printed with the familiar notice “designed by apple in California, assembled in China”, in addition to the serial number, batch number and production date stamp. < / P > < p > unbox therapy points out that the mask is made of three pieces of high-quality fabric, which feels better than ordinary over-the-counter products. Apple does not provide N95 or other classification grades, but according to rumors, tests have found that the film can effectively block the air circulation in the household. Apple designed masks come in many sizes and can be cleaned up to five times. Global Tech