The MagSafe magnetic connection, once used in the MacBook series, is back on the iPhone 12 this year, and Apple hopes to create a rich accessory ecosystem through this interface. On Apple’s official website, in addition to leather wallets, silicone protective cases and other magnetic suction accessories, BOC has recently launched a price of 999 yuan. There are four colors of pink orange, indigo blue, saddle brown and red. At present, it is not clear when BoC will be put on the shelves. < / P > < p > iPhone MagSafe leather case provides a beautiful look and style of iPhone, while providing proper protection. < / P > < p > is refined from European leather that has undergone special tanning and finishing, so the surface feels soft and will form a natural texture luster over time. The case is close to the line of the iPhone body to protect the iPhone from scratches and falls without redundancy. There is a card case on the inside of the case, which can be used to store credit cards or ID cards, and a matching wristband is attached, so your iPhone is always within reach even when you are away. < / P > < p > this case is made of soft, high-quality leather to protect your iPhone. Leather is a natural material, like high-quality leather belt, it may form lines, traces, or show texture luster over time. When used with MagSafe accessories, it will also leave subtle marks. < / P > < p > so how about this MagSafe leather case? Is it worth buying? Macrumors, the foreign media, started the case ahead of time and brought a preliminary experience. From a design point of view, it’s not a traditional case. In addition to the small cut-out on the front, it covers the front and back of the iPhone. < / P > < p > the lanyard is fixed to the bottom of the leather cover and can be used to connect the sleeve to a backpack or purse. It can also be worn on the wrist as a simple iPhone holder. When held or connected to the bag, the case is inverted, so there is little chance that the iPhone will slide out accidentally. < / P > < p > < p > the iPhone is secured tightly in the leather case to keep it largely secure. There are also several card slots, which are very convenient because you can keep your credit card and ID in it. The card slots are also comfortable and feel like they hold the card in place without sliding. You can put two or three cards in it, similar to the MagSafe leather wallet Apple also sells. < / P > < p > in addition, there is a hollowed out part on the leather cover, which can be used to display time information. The time color is designed to match the color of the leather cover, which is a unique feature. In addition to the time, the small display cut will show incoming calls, which is convenient, but when the iPhone is in the leather case, you can’t answer the call and you have to remove it. The reserved window cannot display information other than time and calls, even Apple’s official app notification. < / P > < p > there will be some animation on the iPhone when you put this MagSafe leather case on. And you can still connect the MagSafe charger for wireless charging while wearing it. Global Tech