Recently, a research team from Fudan University School of management released the 2020 taxi report. The team members conducted a stratified sampling survey in five cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing, focusing on the four time periods of morning peak, evening peak, daytime off peak and evening off peak. After more than 800 times of taxi taking and detailed research, the team found that the actual price of taxi taking with software is about 6.7% higher than the estimated price of the software; if taxi taking wants to be fast and cheap, it is the best choice to advertise on the street.

As early as 2017, Professor Fudan’s research team conducted a small-scale survey on taxi software in Shanghai. Three years later, in 2020, the team conducted a survey in five cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing), different distances (short distance: less than 3km, midway: 3-10km, long distance: more than 10km), morning peak (7:30-9:30), evening peak (17:00-19:30), daytime non peak (9:30-17:00) and evening non peak (19:30-23:00) Stratified sampling survey.

In this report, it is mentioned that in Shanghai, Yangzhao is the first choice for the fastest taxi, less than 10 minutes, while the response time and waiting time of platform taxi are more than 15 minutes. Some netizens have also put forward their own views on “Yangzhao is faster than platform taxi”. In this regard, let’s listen to sun Jinyun, associate professor of business management department, School of management, Fudan University.

According to Professor Sun Jinyun, there are all kinds of voices on the Internet. First of all, I think that if we pay attention to and discuss them, we will achieve part of our original intention. Taking a taxi in some extreme weather and extreme conditions is totally different from normal conditions.

In some extreme cases, the experience of some passengers will be different, so this survey uses stratified sampling rather than full sample survey.

Taxi waiting and Yangzhao waiting are subjective psychological judgments for consumers. When you use software to call a car, you may be indoors, so even for ten minutes, you will feel acceptable. However, when you are in the street, you will feel anxious and don’t know how long you have to wait, so although the waiting time may be short, you will also find it difficult. This is the difference brought by individual subjective feelings.